Global Health: Egypt is a leading country in treating its citizens from the C virus


Dr. Ahmed Sabry, Technical Officer of the Hepatitis C Program at the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, confirmed that the Egyptian experience of treating endemic diseases and Hepatitis C patients, through the 100 Million Seha initiative, has succeeded greatly, so that Egypt has become one of the leading countries in treating its citizens from The dangerous virus, noting that the presidential initiative reached the largest possible number of citizens, and succeeded in providing them with free treatment..

He said, during a video intervention on the Al-Hayat Al-Youm program, broadcast on Al-Hayat satellite channel, that Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, told the organization today on the occasion of the International Day for the Fight against Hepatitis C, that Egypt succeeded in treating 2.2 million citizens infected with Hepatitis C, and providing them with free treatment. Commenting: “This is a large number compared to other countries, and we were keen to transfer the Egyptian experience to the region.”

He stated that about 20 of the 22 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region have succeeded in bringing the percentage of people infected with hepatitis C and non-endemic diseases to less than 1%.

And he added, “This is an achievement that we can congratulate all countries on, including Egypt, of course,” noting that the organization helps all countries in providing good health for their citizens around the world, and in 2016 it took the initiative to develop the global strategy to combat and eliminate the disease, which was translated in the region through A clear action plan was adopted by all countries through a ministerial meeting held on this basis.


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