Google’s Secret Research Unit is working on a new project


The confidential research unit of the company Alphabet, it will launch Intrinsic, which is its new robotics program, and artificial intelligence project, within the framework of the main Google division that includes future companies such as Verily AndWaymo.

To expand beyond the main search and advertising business, in 2015 Google created the company Alphabet As a holding company it oversees many “other bets”, from its autonomous vehicle unit to helium balloons providing solar-powered internet services in remote areas.

And the company Intrinsic It has developed software tools designed to make industrial robots that can be used to make everything from solar panels to cars, and incubated its technology in a research unit. Google، X, for more than five years.

to get to know X Basim “Moonshot FactoryAlphabet, which is a research and development unit that acts as a nursery for many of the company’s sub-projects, such as Waymo And Wing AndMakani AndLoon and others, helping them establish their roots as separate, viable entities.


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