Hani Shaker in his first appearance after his recovery: A promised crisis.. Watch


Artist Hani Shaker, the captain of musicians, assured his fans and followers of his health, in his first appearance since his discharge from the hospital after his recovery, and confirmed that it is a crisis that promised good, and that he is currently in a period of recovery.

And he said in a video clip that was posted on the Instagram website, I am with you, thank God, I remained better, may God help this crisis well, with your prayers and the prayers of the good people who know me and those who do not know, the next period will be a period of recovery, and as long as our Lord is with me and you are beside me, God willing, our Lord I never want a bad thing.

And he added, I am just assure you, because the people who wait, and say the news is not right, and take many people, and worry about the social media, because it spreads, God suffices and he is the best agent in these people

As the artist prepares Hani ShakerTo revive the concert, which was postponed a few days ago, at the Egyptian Opera House after he fell ill, and the concert will be held at the Fountain Theater, on Sunday, 1 August.

And the Prince of Arab Singing stated, after his release from the hospital, that he was fine and in good health, praise be to God, and he sent a message to all his fans and everyone who asked about him and his health, and said, “Thank you very much for your love and concern for my health and thank you for your sincere prayers, and God willing, I will see you well as soon as possible.” .

Hani Shaker
Hani Shaker
Hani Shaker
Hani Shaker


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