Hani Shaker wants to cooperate with Saad Lamjarred with a work of art.. and he comments


The Moroccan artist repliedSaad LamjarredLi the Egyptian artistHani Shaker​, after the latter revealed his desire to cooperate with Saad in a lyrical “duet”. Saad published, through the “Al-Stories” feature on his personal page on the social networking site, a video clip of Hani Shaker, answering a question from a media person, if he would participate in a lyrical “duet” with a non-Egyptian singer, who would prefer to cooperate with him, so he chose Saad.
Lamjarred commented on the video, saying: “I also love you very much, and I have a great honor, our teacher. We deal with each other, and any artist other than me also wishes to deal with you, my love.”
Hani said, in a press interview on CNN, that he loves Saad Lamjarred, and about the most beautiful song he has heard in the recent period, he said: “Amr Diab’s work in the recent period is very surprising to me, such as you learn and one day three, and for the non-Egyptian song, I prefer Punt Al-Arid, and the one who sold us lost Dalana to Ragheb Alama.”


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