Has the Kingdom set a date for opening flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the Egyptians?


Informed sources with the Civil Aviation Authority said that the date of the return of Saudi flights between Egypt and the Kingdom is still unknown, and no date has been set for its return so far, despite the low rates of infection with the Corona virus.

At the same time, the competent authorities confirmed that the return of flights has become linked to a decrease in cases of the new Corona virus for all countries that have been identified as dangerous areas, and they are 11 countries, in addition to that discussions on the return of regular flights between the two countries are currently suspended.

The date of opening flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the Egyptians

At the same time, it became mandatory for those wishing to travel to the Kingdom for those wishing to travel on a tourist visa to go to another country that is allowed to fly to the Kingdom, but after 15 days of being in that country with Pcr work before leaving the host country as well as upon arrival at Saudi airports.

On the other hand, informed sources in the Civil Aviation Authority revealed that the return of regular flights for Saudi airlines is unknown and the authority has not received any notifications regarding operation at the present time, noting in special statements that EgyptAir always operates an air bridge in crises, the latest of which is the crisis of stranded people in an attempt to find Urgent solutions, stressing that the national company EgyptAir did not hesitate to provide continuous support to Egyptians abroad, stressing that EgyptAir had previously opened its air bridge for the return of stranded people since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in China and the rest of the world.

And it operates special flights to return the stranded, no matter what the losses cost it, in agreement with the other side.

Decisions and retreats in The date of opening flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom had taken a previous decision to partially open its airspace for some countries on September 25, in preparation for opening the airspace and operating fully regular flights to fly between countries on May 17, as an actual start to operate direct flight, but due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the Kingdom’s fears, it was not No decision has been taken in this regard so far, and the Civil Aviation Authority has not received any official letters to return flights so far.

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