Hassan Al-Baroudi said to him: “It’s still Badri Yabih.” The story of Youssef Wehbe’s first television work


With the beginnings of television, it was unusual for most stars who had previously dealt with cinema and theater, as it was not uncommon to deal with 3 cameras instead of one, and the science of montage had not developed as it is now, and television works were filmed in one run and if an error occurred From an artist during filming the scenes are replayed from the beginning.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine, issued in 1961, during which the magazine devoted a number of topics to celebrate the first anniversary of the birth of television, the magazine spoke about the positions of a number of art stars when they stood in front of the TV camera for the first time, and about the embarrassing situations that occurred with some of them.

Among these situations was what happened with the great artist Youssef Wehbe in the first drama he recorded for television, in which the great artist Hassan Al-Baroudi participated.

Among the acting scenes, and at the end of these scenes, a scene in which Youssef Wehbe spoke on the phone, and during the recording, the great artist headed towards the phone before the right moment for this scene came, and his colleague Hassan Al-Baroudi alerted, and said to him in a low voice: “Less Badri Yabih,” and here the director shouted He said: “Who am I talking about? He stopped.” He was forced to re-record from the beginning of the episode, and Youssef Wehbe would have been angry and angry had it not been for his temper because he was the reason for this mistake. The tragedy of the first drama is not repeated.


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