He saved his children and failed to get his wife out.. The Civil Protection is looking for Zoo


09:58 AM

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

The inspection of the security services revealed new circumstances in the collapse of a house in the Warraq neighborhood, north of Giza, on Tuesday morning.

It turned out that the property consisted of 3 floors before its owner elevated the building to two additional floors, which caused the walls to crack.

Yesterday evening, the residents of the property felt the shaking of the foundations, which prompted them to leave, except for the owner of the house, Rami Moussa, who stayed with his family.

In the morning, feeling the house collapse, “Rami” rushed to save his children by taking them out of the property, then went up to get his wife, but the house collapsed on them.

Major General Hisham Sadek, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, paid rescue equipment in coordination with Al-Warraq neighborhood to remove the rubble and search for the couple.

The Director of the North Sector received a signal from the Police Rescue Service that a house collapsed in the Kafr al-Salmaniya area in Buraq al-Arab, so the civil protection ground rescue leaders, accompanied by ambulances, moved to the place of the communication, and it was found that the house consists of 5 floors in addition to “prominent bruises” that constitute a sixth floor.

Electricity and gas were cut off to prevent matters from getting worse, and rescuers are searching for the presence of residents under the rubble.

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