Health: E-cigarettes do not help you quit smoking


The Ministry of Health and Population said that e-cigarettes do not help in quitting smoking, and the same harms are found in regular cigarettes, and continued: Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and other toxic substances that harm smokers and their contacts.

And the Ministry of Health and Population had revealed that smokers of heart and respiratory patients are more likely to develop severe symptoms when infected with the Corona virus, demanding to quit smoking completely.

The ministry explained that cigarettes suffocate the lungs and the rest of the body’s organs, and deprive them of the oxygen necessary for the proper growth of their functions, and advised to stop smoking immediately, pointing out that smoking harms the lung and increases the possibility of complications from the Corona virus and demanded to quit quickly.

The Ministry of Health called on citizens to maintain health, while quitting smoking, as it had warned of the risks of non-smokers being exposed to the products of combustion of smokers’ tobacco, which would turn them into passive addicts.

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