Helmy Tolan reveals the scenes of the Al-Ahly duo’s visit to Enppi training


11:49 PM

Monday 12 July 2021

Books – Omar Qura:

Enppi technical director Helmy Tolan revealed the scenes of Mohamed Sherif and Mohamed Magdy Afshas visit to Al-Ahly duo for the petroleum team’s training, indicating that he hopes to crown Zamalek with the league title this season.

Tolan said, in a telephone statement to “On Time Sports” channel, on Monday evening: “Mohamed Sharif and Mohamed Magdy Afsha requested a visit to the Enppi training today, Monday. Sharif communicates with me constantly after every match.”

He added, “We were happy with Mohamed Sherif and Mohamed Magdy Afsha, and we welcomed them greatly, and the team players shook hands with them. I found a good spirit and they have loyalty and are connected to the club that grew them and presented them to the fans well.”

He continued, “Mohamed Sharif moved to Al-Ahly, who is the second top scorer in the league and in the national team through Enppi, and Afsha came out well and moved to Pyramids and from there to Al-Ahly, and the duo presents a wonderful level with Al-Ahly.”

The Enppi coach concluded, “I sincerely hope that Zamalek will win the league, and the difference will continue in this way, because it is the club to which I belong, despite the presence of some trifles from some young boys, but I do not pay attention to this.”


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