Her condition is stable.. Yasmine Abdel Aziz will leave the hospital within days


Jasmine is doing better

The Secretary General of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate said that the case of Jasmine She became better and is still in a room alone receiving treatment from the team treating her, but she is forbidden to visit and within a few days she will leave the hospital.

In the context, Abdel Hai thanked and appreciated all members of the team treating the artist, despite the abuse and pressure they were subjected to, praising their silence until they succeeded in overcoming the critical stage for the artist. Yasmin Abdel Aziz So reassuring to wake her upفاق.

He explained that he had received a complaint from a member of the Medical Syndicate against the doctor who disclosed some information about the artist’s health condition, noting that investigations are now underway to reveal the circumstances of whether the artist was exposed to a medical error or not. medical mistake Before completing the investigations.

The Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate revealed the wave of anger that occurred to the medical staff in Egypt because of what was said about the artist’s condition, explaining that “the presence of complications for any patient does not mean that there is an error, because it is illogical that there are no complications and all patients recover immediately, besides that we get An acknowledgment of consent to the possibility of complications for dangerous situations.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, is still receiving treatment in one of the… Cairo HospitalsAfter she was transferred to the intensive care unit, she suffers from infection andblood poisoningAfter undergoing an operation to remove a fibroid from the uterus in a major hospital.

Although the operation was normal, an error occurred during the blood transfusion, which led to bacterial contamination Because of him, Yasmine fell into a coma before the doctors managed to wake her up.


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