His novels were turned into 200 films, 6 of which are Egyptian.. I know Alexandre Dumas x 16 pieces of information


Today passes the birthday of the French writer Alexandre Dumas, as he was born on this day, July 24, 1802 AD, and he was very popular in the world in general, as he is considered one of the most famous French authors at all. Picture a set of points.

He was born in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (Haiti) to a noble French father and a slave mother of African descent.

His real name is Davey de la Ballettiere.

His father was General Thomas Alexander, his mother was Mary Sissett.

Alexandre Dumas was educated at a military academy in France and joined the army.

The aristocracy of the father gave the young Alexander the opportunity to work with Louis-Philippe I, Duke of Orleans.

Alexandre Dumas began his career by producing many works that fall into several literary categories by writing plays.

His plays were hugely successful right from the start.

He has also written numerous articles that have been published in magazines and travel books.

Alexandre Dumas founded the Historic Theater in Paris during the 1840s.

His novels were characterized by a sense of adventure in the form of literary series at the beginning.

Alexandre Dumas is the author of The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Count de Mont has turned into many Egyptian films, up to 6 films.

And the Egyptian films The Lost Treasure, The Prince of Revenge, The Avenger, The Prince of Cunning, The Circle of Revenge, a sign whose meaning is wrong.

His novels since the early twentieth century have been turned into cinematographic works in nearly 200 films.

He passed away on December 5, 1870 CE.


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