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09:08 AM | Thursday 29 July 2021

A final deadline from “K” to the Football Association because of the Champions League and the Confederation

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Officials study Confederation of African Football At the present time, the Egyptian Football Association has given a deadline, in order to determine the Egyptian clubs participating in the two African Champions Leagues, especially after setting a date for next August 10 to send the names of all the clubs participating in the African championships, especially since all the leagues have been completed in Africa, other than the ongoing Egyptian League. So far, it may extend until the end of next September.

An official source within the Confederation of African Football Competitions said in exclusive statements: We are studying strongly at the present time giving the Egyptian Football Association an additional period due to what it is going through, especially since Al-Ahly has participated in the African Champions League for the end as well as the Pyramids Club, unlike Al-Ahly’s participation in the World Cup. For clubs, and then the Egyptian Olympic team’s participation in the Olympics and reaching advanced stages, we talked about the need to develop solutions to these emergency and difficult circumstances.

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the Tripartite Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, said in statements to the Ontime Stadium program, accompanied by the media, Ahmed Schubert: Al-Ahly reserved his seat, and Zamalek also, for the Vanguard Army team until this moment, he has priority in participating in the Confederation because he is the runner-up of the Egypt Cup, and the runner-up of the cup has priority over Fourth league, we will not anticipate events and we will see what happens.

It is assumed that the fate of this matter will be decided by the Confederation of African Football during the next few days, especially since there is a draw that will be made by CAF officials due to the preliminary round, which will start from 28-29 November and the return will be 4-6 December, and the draw will be on 9 November .


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