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09:53 AM | Monday 19 July 2021

“Al-Watan Sport” is unique in the details of a secret session in Morocco to include Rahimi for Al-Ahly

Details of a secret session in Morocco to include Rahimi

Al-Watan Sport obtained the details of the secret session held by Amir Tawfiq, the club’s contracting director Al Ahly, with Moroccan Raja officials, to contract with Safian RahimiDuring the presence of the Red Mission in Casablanca, to face the South African team, Kaizer Chiefs, in the final of the African Champions League, which was held the day before yesterday, Saturday, at the Mohammed V compound, and Al-Ahly won it by three clean goals, signed by Mohamed Sherif, Mohamed Magdy “Qafsha” and Amr Al-Sulayya The Red Genie won the tenth title in the history of his participation in the largest club tournament within the brown continent.

Details of a secret session in Al-Ahly to include Rahimi

A well-informed source revealed the details of the session, as he said: “Amir Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s contracting director, held a meeting with Moroccan Raja Casablanca officials, while he was in Casablanca, to include Moroccan pavilion Sofiane Rahimi to join the Red Castle next summer, based on the desire of South African Pitso Mosimane, technical director for the team.”

The source confirmed that Amir Tawfiq began his negotiations with Raja officials to contract with Sofiane Rahimi for two million dollars, but the offer was rejected, arguing that the amount offered was not equal to half the price of the Moroccan wing, which is one of the most important players of Raja, and is worth 5 million dollars.

He continued, “Amir Tawfiq presented a new offer to Raja Club, which includes granting them the Congolese Walter Bwalya, and an amount of one million dollars to end the Sufian Rahimi deal, but the offer was also rejected, and that they do not need to contract with Bwalya, and that the contract be in return for money.”

The source revealed that the third offer made by Amir Tawfiq to officials of Raja, is to obtain Sufian Rahimi on loan for two whole years for one million dollars, and the contract includes setting the intention to buy after the two years for two million dollars, provided that the value of the entire deal is for three million dollars, He explained that the offer was also rejected, and the Moroccan club insisted on keeping Sofiane Rahimi inside the Raja Castle.

And the Moroccan Raja Club issued a statement in the past two days, declaring that it did not intend to sell Sofiane Rahimi.


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