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01:02 AM | Saturday 31 July 2021

Jumaa, Tariq Hamed and Bin Sharqi congratulate Ferjani Sassi... and anger in Zamalek

Ferjani Sassi

The keenness of a number of players Zamalek On sending several messages to their former teammate, Ferjani Sassi, after the official completion of his move to Al Duhail, Qatar, amid great anger from the White Knight’s fans.

Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player, was keen to bid farewell to Ferjani Sassi by moving to Al-Duhail, where he published a picture of him with the Tunisian star and commented on it: “Good luck, my brother Ferjani Sassi.”

Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi also followed in the footsteps of Tariq Hamed, and published a photo of him with Ferjani Sassi and congratulated him on his move to Al-Duhail, Qatar.

Abdullah Jumaa was keen to congratulate Ferjani Sassi, his former colleague in the white team yesterday evening, after the latter moved to the ranks of the Qatari team Al-Duhail, with a contract that extends for 3 seasons, starting from the new season, after his departure from the White Castle for not reaching an agreement with the Board of Directors of Al-Abyad On renewing his contract due to the financial return, which the player saw as weak compared to his great potential.

Abdullah Gomaa, through his official account on the famous photo site “Instagram”, commented on Ferjani Sassi’s transfer to Zamalek: “May God be with you, my brother.”

The messages of the Zamalek players to Ferjani Sassi angered the Zamalek fans through social media, in light of the Tunisian midfielder’s inappropriate departure from Al-Abyad, according to their opinion, and his failure to complete the season with the White Knight. Tariq Hamed, because of what he did with someone named Sassi.

While another commented: “Why is this, Tariq, Hamid, this is I love you.”

While another fan tweeted: “After Abdullah Jumaa .. Bin Sharqi and Tariq Hamed congratulate the fugitive Sassi on Instagram by professionalism in Al-Duhail Al-Qatari!”


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