Hossam Habib’s father to the recording leaker: We are in the courts


A new chapter is witnessing the crisis of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab and her husband Hussam Habib With the latter’s father, against the background of the secrets revealed by Hussein Habib in a leaked recording, what suggested to everyone that there is greed on the part of the Egyptian singer for his wife’s money, and that he plans to marry a girl younger than him, in order to have children.

However, the new thing today came from the father’s lawyer, after he denied it Hossam’s father That he is the owner of the registration and returned and admitted it, his lawyer confirmed that his client intends to file a lawsuit against the leaking party.

And the lawyer, Bayoumi Mustafa, added in a media statement that spread during the past hours on the communication sites, that he will not communicate with the leakers except through the courts, and not through the media or social networking sites, but through a legal method.

He also stressed that his client, Hussein Habib, completely refused to direct any words to the leaked party, stressing that the recording is incomplete, and that party has worked to cut a few sentences from a long recording.

It is reported that Sherine’s husband had announced his boycott of his father and resorting to the judiciary in order to obtain his right, from the person who hurt him and his mother greatly.

“easily deceived”

While the father apologized for what he had done, stressing that he had fallen into a conspiracy plotted for him, especially that someone in his place would not have been easily deceived.

And he considered that all this fuss happened because of an “old man of senility due to age,” and here Hossam Habib picked up the party of the conversation and commented through his account on “Instagram” on what his father said.

“Without my father”

He pointed out that he does not accept the father’s description of himself with dementia, saying, “I never accepted that you say to yourself an old dementia because of my age, because I am like what I do without my house and my wife.

He also confirmed that his father knows that he does not care what anyone thinks of what he does.


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