How to control the content your child watches on YouTube Kids in 4 steps


Many parents are wondering how to adjust their children’s viewing experience on YouTube Kids with the start of the summer season.

Available in Arabic and English for children under the age of 13, the app offers a wide range of parental controls to customize the viewing experience according to what they find appropriate for their children.

Here are four very useful features that parents can benefit from through the application:

1. Choose the right content

Parental Approved Content allows mums and dads to choose specific videos and channels that they allow their children to watch through the app. To activate this feature, you can go to the settings within the application and choose the profile of your children, then choose the content that you agree with. This way, kids will only watch a set of channels or videos that you have previously selected.

2. Turn off the search feature

If you wish to limit the experience of children watching a selection of videos, you can turn off the search feature using the parental settings in the application, when this feature is turned off, children will not be able to search for videos and will only use the application to watch the videos available within its group of channels.

3. Content Blocking

You can adjust and customize the content you see in YouTube Kids by logging into the app and blocking videos or channels that you don’t want your kids to watch. When you block a video or channel, you will not see that video again when you log in to the app. You can always clear blocked videos and channels from settings if you want to bring them back at a later time. Please note that when you block a video, it may still be available in the app if it was uploaded by a different channel.

4. Setting the Timer

With the built-in screen time setting feature, parents can limit when their children use the device with a notification telling them it’s time to stop watching. The timer will nicely display a ‘timed out’ alert before the app stops working when the set time has expired. You can press the lock icon, select “timer” and use the slider to set the desired duration.


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