“I imagine 7 months ago” .. Why was the video of the harasser of “Auss girl” leaked


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Sunday 04 July 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza revealed new circumstances in the accusation of a 30-year-old harassing a student in the media-circulated incident of “a handsome girl.”

The technical examination revealed that the video dates back to last November, and that the accused’s former partner in the company in question had deliberately leaked it.

Investigations indicated that the accused’s partner had a financial dispute with him and demanded him to return the sums of money due, but the latter constantly delayed him, which prompted him to exploit the video.

That person decided to leak the video through social media so that the security services would move and arrest him and then get his money by saying, “I told the government to arrest him and take my right,” especially knowing that the 30-year-old is wanted to be arrested and brought pending dissipation cases.

The beginning came with the monitoring of the Public Security Sector of the Ministry of Interior, headed by Major General Alaa Selim, the circulation of a video clip showing a person molesting a child inside an office in Auseem.

A high-level research team headed by Brigadier General Amr Talaat, head of the North Giza Sector, worked on examining the incident to determine the identity of the defendant and arrest him.

Colonel Ahmed Al-Waleili, inspector of Al-Fata, concluded that the accused “MA.” He is 32 years old and works as a secretary in one of the prosecution offices before he applied for a leave of absence 3 years ago.

The search and investigation efforts led by Major Hossam al-Abbasi, head of the Osim Investigations Department, indicated that the accused had issued 22 “dissipation” sentences against him.

By summoning the 14-year-old victim, she decided that her mother worked for the accused in the company referred to, and that he took advantage of her hesitation with her mother and indecent assault on her inside his office, and her fear of reporting out of the concern of her mother.

After codifying the procedures, in coordination with Public Security, Major Walid Kamal and Captains Essam El-Shennawy and Ibrahim Hamed were able to arrest the accused.

In front of Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Director of Criminal Investigations in Giza, the accused admitted that he had committed the incident inside the company’s headquarters, and that he had lured the victim, if she attended with her mother, to work in the company.

By completing the examination led by Captains Essam Al-Shennawi and First Lieutenant Muhammad Al-Dibs, it was possible to identify the person responsible for publishing the video clip (a former partner of the accused) who was seized, by asking him he admitted that he did so.

It turned out that the victim’s mother had obtained electrical appliances from the accused by installments, but she had failed to pay. The accused submitted “checks” signed by the woman to the court, according to which he obtained judgments against her.

“I’ll lock you up with checks if you don’t want to work for me.” With these words, the 32-year-old accused the girl’s mother, which forced her to come to his request.

The lady joined his work to collect the installments and amounts owed from the customers, but the matter developed and took a different turn of 180 degrees.

A sinful squabble arose between the owner of the company selling electrical appliances and that woman, especially since he was married and had multiple relationships with women.

The necessary report was issued, and Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office, which began investigations.

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