In pictures.. The first fashion brand in the Middle East for patients with fractures and surgeries


Shaima Al-Najjar observed a problem facing many who are exposed to health crises, such as fractures, wounds and surgeries, which exposes them to a problem in obtaining appropriate clothes for their needs throughout their treatment period, which made Shaimaa launch the first Egyptian brand to manufacture clothes for patients with wounds, fractures and surgeries.

Shaima Al-Najjar, founder of the first brand in the Middle East to make clothes for patients after surgeries and fractures, told Al that the idea of ​​the project began by observing the problem and trying to find a solution to it, through her experience in the field of manufacturing clothes and using the available tools.

And Shaima continued: “One of my family members had surgery, and he had been suffering from a big problem while wearing and undressing for 8 years, and my family and I work in the field of clothing and spinning and weaving, so I started thinking to make a solution to this problem he faces, and from here I started implementing the idea.” And try to produce it on the ground.” My family has a large clothing factory, and we have a large number of employees, workers and designers, so I was able to start the production line.

Shaima added: “We decided to start the production process since 2020, and at the beginning of the project I started manufacturing samples and working on samples for friends and relatives. On the subject, I found that the idea exists and is presented in many countries around the world, but in a limited way, so I used many doctors in different fields to know the different needs of patients from different surgeries, including heart surgeries, breast surgeries, and other surgeries.”

Shaima pointed out that “I faced some difficulties during the manufacturing process, as I did not have any experience in the medical field, so I started using one of the doctors, consultant Ihab Sadiq, who works as a consultant in general surgery, and he helps me know the needs of different surgeries, and I started supporting clothes with some medical devices to know The suitability of the clothes is to be patient-friendly and also comfortable, but in terms of manufacturing, I have experience with it because of my work in this sector.”

Shaima continued, “I communicate with the target groups through social networking sites, through the brand’s page and the product line, but social networking sites are not the easiest way to reach patients. The demand for products is very high, and I did not expect this demand.”

Shaima continued, “My work as a fashion designer helps me in my work, as I do not use other designers, and I have a team during the production line who contribute to delivering the product to the final form.” She concluded by saying: “I hope that large institutions will cooperate with us to expand the project to reach the largest possible categories.”

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