In the video .. Carmen Suleiman gets angry and complains about her follow-up because of her jealousy for her husband


The artist, Carmen Suleiman, was exposed to a strange situation on social networks, because of her excessive jealousy for her husband, the analyst, Mustafa Gad.

Where a follow-up went to Carmen by asking her: “Rojak Blaise’s name and number,” in reference to the lipstick, but the young singer hastened to read the post and did not notice the absence of the dot above the letter R, so she thought that the question was related to her husband.

To answer with great emotion: “Do you need something that you would like me to say to him, or what? I mean, do you want to give you his number and live your life?”

Singer Carmen Suleiman released her new song “My Game”, on the popular video site “YouTube”.

The song is written by the poet Nour Abdullah, composed by Mustafa Al-Assal, arranged by Amr Al-Khadra, and the song is Mix and Master Maher Salah.


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