Iran cuts off electricity and the Internet… and the protests continue and expand


Despite the movement of forces from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to suppress the protests In the southern regions of the country, the demonstrators in Ahvas, as well as the cities of Ma’shour, Khafajia, and Al-Falaiya, continued their demonstrations on Friday night, on the ninth day of the movement that began in the cities of Khuzestan, despite widespread power outages, widespread arrests, and an unannounced curfew, according to local statements.

In detail, experienced Several cities in Khuzestan Popular protests on Friday evening, while the Revolutionary Guards arrested dozens of demonstrators in the cities of Ahvas, Khafajia, Falahiyah, Hamidiyah, and Mashour and transferred them to unknown locations.

Local sources added that many of the demonstrators, who were particularly wounded by the special unit’s rifles, refused to go to the hospital, for fear of arrests by the security forces.

Meanwhile, areas such as the Alawi neighborhood, Kampulo, Laskarabad and Kianshahr, also witnessed massive demonstrations, at a time when thousands of Special Forces, Revolutionary Guards and security forces were stationed in separate areas of Ahvas and confronted the protesters with tear gas and bullets.

Electricity and internet cut off

In a related context, the authorities cut off the electricity in large areas of the city of Ahvas, which has continued since about 10:30 in the evening, especially in the areas where people are demonstrating.

It also stopped the supply of the mobile Internet in Ahvas and other cities, and also disrupted the home Internet.

Demonstrators in Alikudars in Lurestan province organized a march to express their support for the demonstrators in Ahvas, while the security forces arrested dozens of demonstrators, especially after the intervention of Revolutionary Guard forces.

According to the information, the demonstrators invaded 10 cities adjacent to Ahvas, while activists confirmed that the security reinforcements did not break the intensity of anger and did not deter the protesters from returning.

It is noteworthy that Ahvas, which overlooks the Gulf, is one of the most prominent areas of oil production in Iran and one of the 31 richest provinces in Iran, and it is one of the areas inhabited by a large minority of Arabs.

The residents of the governorate have also previously complained of being marginalized by the authorities, and in 2019 anti-government protests also took place in other parts of the country.

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