It lasts for a year .. a shocking surprise about the symptoms of post-recovery from Corona


Dr. Fouad Odeh, President of the European Middle Eastern Medical Association, revealed the symptoms after recovering from the Corona virus, saying that there are simple symptoms such as loss of the sense of smell, and other symptoms such as symptoms in the lung and heart, and fatigue, noting that 80% of people always feel Tiredness for 6 months to a year of recovery, difficulty concentrating, memory loss.

“Odeh,” during a telephone interview with the journalist Rami Radwan, on the “Evening dmc” program, broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel, added that there are symptoms in the digestive system, and symptoms in the liver as well, pointing out that these symptoms are for those who have been severely infected with the virus.

He explained that a third of people who were infected with the Corona virus suffer from symptoms of fatigue, fatigue and difficulty concentrating from 6 months to a year.

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