“It mimics what happened in Cuba.” Washington is investigating a series of mysterious health incidents among its diplomats in Vienna


U.S. Embassy in Austria

US Embassy building in Vienna

US officials revealed Friday that the administration of President Joe Biden is investigating a series of mysterious health incidents reported by US diplomats and other government employees in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Some of the symptoms are similar to those first reported by US diplomats and spies in the Cuban capital, Havana, in 2016 and 2017, and no specific cause has yet been identified, according to officials, who said more than 20 new cases are being looked at by medical teams in the country. The State Department and other agencies, including the Pentagon and the CIA.

“In coordination with our partners across the US government, we are aggressively investigating reports of potential unexplained health incidents among the US Embassy in Vienna community…Any employee who has reported potential health harm receives immediate and appropriate attention and care,” the State Department said.

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Study says brains of US diplomats in Cuba

Some believe that unexplained injuries, including brain damage, are caused by microwave attacks or radio wave weapons. However, despite years of study, there is no consensus as to what or who may have been behind the incidents or whether, in fact, they were caused by attacks.

Staff members based in Vienna have reported ambiguous symptoms since President Biden’s inauguration, according to officials. The “New Yorker” magazine was the first to highlight the cases in Vienna on Friday.

Vienna was for centuries a center of espionage and diplomacy and a center of mutual espionage activity during the Cold War. The city is currently the site of indirect talks between Iran and the United States over salvaging the nuclear deal negotiated there in 2015.

These talks are now suspended and it was not immediately clear whether any of the members of the US negotiating team were among the injured.

Source: “Associated Press”

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