Its president is killed and its people are hungry.. Why is Haiti so poor?


Dedicated Haiti, a country located in Caribbean SeaAnd it is the poorest in the American continent, to the fore in world news, Wednesday, after the assassination of its president was announced Jovenel MoiseAfter armed men attacked his private residence overlooking the capital Port au Prince.

The assassination came in light of the political turmoil in Haiti, with its 11 million population, where the opposition went out in mass rallies denouncing President Moyes’ rule and challenging his legitimacy, while confirming that his mandate will continue until 2022.

But the matter is limited to the political crisis that has curtailed the suffering in Haiti, as the population suffers from the brutality of the armed gangs that control areas in the country.

Because of the war waged by these gangs, thousands of residents of the capital, Port-au-Prince, were forced to flee their homes weeks ago.

According to Agence France-Presse, due to insecurity and political instability, Haiti is struggling The poorest country in the Americas, to get out of the endless crisis of kidnappings and gang violence.

The repercussions of the successive crises in Haiti reached the most basic necessities of life: food. At one point, a number of the population resorted to relying on pies made of clay to fight hunger.

Currently, a large part of the population depends on food aid brought in by the United Nations.

Because of the country’s extreme poverty, Haiti One of the few countries that has not yet started a vaccination campaign against Corona epidemic.

But why all this?

In the beginning, Haiti was known for its riches of sugar, coffee and cotton, and this may have been the reason why the country was subjected to successive colonial operations.

The New York Times said Thursday that for decades European powers and later the United States refused to recognize it as an independent republic.

Haiti was the first republic in the world led by blacks, after it declared its independence from France in 1804, and was known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” before its name became Haiti.

The American newspaper points out that because of Haiti’s political wealth, it was a restaurant for colonial powers. Even after independence, France did not leave it alone. In 1825, the King of France, Charles X, sent warships to the capital, Port-au-Prince, and forced Haiti to compensate the former French colonists for their lost possessions.

Unable to pay the huge sums, she sank into debts she had to endure for nearly a century.

In 1915, American forces invaded Haiti after rebels killed President Felipron Guillaume Sam. United State So as an attempt to restore order there.

The US occupation ended in 1934, but US control of Haiti’s finances lasted until 1947.

After that, the country entered into new tragedies a series of Military coups and brutal repressions, and political life was not stable. For example, in the early 1990s, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a former Roman Catholic priest, was elected President of Haiti, before his rule was overthrown.

All this led to widespread corruption and mismanagement, which squandered the country’s natural wealth.

Natural disasters complemented Haiti’s crises. In 2010, it was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300,000 people.

The country has not recovered from that crisis and remains mired in economic underdevelopment and insecurity, and in 2016, a cholera outbreak killed at least 10,000 Haitians and infected another 800,000, according to the New York Times.

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