Legitimate ways to easily ship Buggy tugs through the free official website


Charging PUBG wedges The PUBG game is one of the most famous fighting games that have spread recently in the country and the world, and the game has gained a wide reputation as millions of people play it around the world, and players need wedges to progress in the different game levels where they can buy weapons and clothes, and for this In today’s article, we present to you the best way to charge PUBG widgets.

pubg widgets

PUBG Wedges is a virtual currency designed by the game’s founders that allows players to purchase various weapons and character clothes, and that is why many players are looking for a safe way to ship PUBG Wedges and not be exposed to hacking or hacking.

The best and safest way to ship PUBG widgets is to ship them through the official website of the game, but it is a paid shipping method.

There are also other ways to ship PUBG tugs for free, but they provide you with a smaller number of tugs, and now here are the steps of the shipping methods.

Shipping the widgets of PUBG via the official website

You can ship PUBG widgets by purchasing them from the official website of the game, through the following steps:

  • Open the game’s official website from here: http://www.midasbuy.com
  • Log in with your ID.
  • Determine the amount of intensities you want.
  • Choose the electronic payment method, then click Buy.
  • Wait for your purchase to finish and eventually you will get the quantity you want.

Free shipping pubg widgets

You can get a good number of PUBG skins by watching the in-game ads through the following steps:

  • Open the game on your computer or phone.
  • Bam by clicking on the ads icon present in the game main screen.
  • Watch the advertisement that the game offers and at the end of watching you will get a good amount of skins.
  • By repeating this step daily, you can eventually get a large number of wizards that help you achieve consecutive wins and victories.
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