Mai Omar asks to marry her husband! – picture


The Egyptian actress Mai_Omar conducted a new photo session, some photos were published on the social media, and she appeared wearing a white wedding dress.

Mai surprised everyone with the comment she wrote on the photo in a message to her husband, director Mohamed Sami, in which she said: (Will you marry me?).

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Some thought that Mai and Sami broke up and now she asks him to come back again, but this is not true, and what Mai wrote is just a spontaneous comment that her husband jokes about, no more and no less.

Mai and Sami are one of the most beautiful and strongest love stories in the artistic community, and here we mention the details of their love story:

The director, Mohamed Sami, told the story of his marriage to Mai Omar, while hosting them on a program with you, with the media, Mona_Al-Shazly, saying: “We have a very big story. I am engaged to her, but I could not still love her.”

And he continued, during his talk about his story, he and his wife: “She always had a fear of association, and I sat and did everything in the world, as I say, where are you, and I go to her even though I’m in the same place.”

He added: “I told her, give me Babaki’s number, she told me no, I glimpsed it on her mobile and saved it, and I called him. I told him, I’m Mohamed Sami, I don’t really need anything, and I want to get engaged to your daughter.”

“Two days later, I called him, and I told him your word. Two days ago, I engaged your daughter, and you passed me by.” With this phrase, Sami continued his speech, saying: “I met him in my office, and we met some of the hobbies, and we visited their house and engaged her.”

Sami also spoke about the scenes of the relationship: “Her father saw me while I was suffocating and I met him. He called me. He said I want to visit you and bring you back to the network, and the engagement broke up. He said you are very good, but not for my daughter.”

And Muhammad continued: “My mother was Shivani, the best person in the world. She told me, my beloved, to joke, and what are they dreaming of, the matter is over, I did not hear her biography again at all, I went to go one day after 3 months trying to work for Mama every need, and I went to her father in his company in Garden City, and I told him by God You have to Juzhali, and we broke off the engagement for five years.”

Mai_Omar in the latest wedding dress photo


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