Mai Omar is exposed to a sudden illness and reveals the developments of her condition


The star, Mai Omar, was exposed to an emergency health crisis, while spending her summer vacation in the North Coast, where she underwent the necessary medical examinations.

Mai revealed the details of what happened, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, saying: “Two weeks ago, I suffered from a sudden illness that required more investigations, tests and medical examinations, so that everyone around me kept asking me to return to Cairo.”

She added, “I was very tired and sick, and thanks to the medical team who treated me there, I had the necessary medical care in the clinic and home visit consultations by highly qualified doctors, in addition to the laboratories and examinations that are performed at home.”

Mai revealed the latest developments in her health, stressing that she is witnessing a significant improvement, as she said: “Thank God, I am much better now and recovering.”

It is noteworthy that Mai Omar had caused an uproar through the role she played in her latest series “The Seeds of the Stranger” with Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, where she was accused of complimenting her husband in the role space at the expense of the two heroes of the work.


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