Messi is a wayfarer in Barcelona


The Argentine star has arrived Lionel Messi He arrived at Barcelona airport in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but he had only a few hours left until he boarded his private plane again, leaving Spain..

Lionel Messi is currently spending his summer vacation with the family, which forced him to stop at Barcelona airport while traveling to Dominica after spending a number of days in Miami..

And the Spanish newspaper Marca confirmed that the journalists waited outside Barcelona airport, thinking that Messi came to the Catalan region in order to resolve the file to renew his contract with Barcelona in the current few days, but he left the airport directly..

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” titled, “Messi is already in Barcelona, ​​but just a passerby” and said that Leo, who has not signed his new contract, arrived this afternoon, but he will leave again in the next few hours to continue his vacation.

And the newspaper added, Leo Messi is in Barcelona, ​​​​but it will be only a few hours in Barcelona, ​​​​and he is on vacation, he appeared only in order to go to a new destination with his family, after spending a few days in Miami and the Dominican Republic, it will be next week when he will return to stay..

And the newspaper continued: “Messi continues to enjoy weeks of rest, he played the Copa America, and his stay in Barcelona will be short, so he will not sign his new contract with the entity yet. However, the club is still suspended to amend its poor salary to include the youth team..

She confirmed that Aguero and Emerson are scheduled to join the Barcelona team next Monday, and Messi does not have a specific date because he has not signed the contract yet, but it is expected that he will begin soon with the initials of the new link..

And the newspaper concluded that they are convinced by FC Barcelona that Messi will continue at Camp Nou, despite the sorcery that he has to do to adjust his numbers in the face of the dangerous decline in his income as a result of the epidemic.

It is expected that Lionel Messi, accompanied by Sergio Aguero, will return to Barcelona training on August 2 to join the team’s team training..

It is expected that Messi will officially resolve his stay with Barcelona at the beginning of August, after the Catalan club is able to provide his salary and solve the huge salary crisis he is suffering from..

The Argentine Lionel Messi, captain of the Barcelona team, arrived this morning, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the city of Barcelona, ​​​​which is inside the club for the first time since the expiration of his contract in early July.

Messi appeared upon his arrival in Barcelona, ​​as the Copa America champion Lionel arrived at Barcelona airport today, and began to avoid questions about his future and dedicate himself to signing and signatures with many fans upon his return to Barcelona.

The people who greeted the legend were Lionel Messi At Barcelona airport they are the security staff of FC Barcelona, ​​as the club is actually the one who received Messi At the airport, 27 days Messi No contract with Barcelona, ​​but the relationship is much deeper between Messi And Barcelona, ​​a great and great love story.

Upon his arrival, it is only a matter of time, and Barcelona will officially announce the renewal of the contract of the best player in the history of football, Lionel Messi, before the date of August 2.


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