Minor changes for the Olympic football team against Argentina


The technical staff of the Egyptian national team, led by Shawky Gharib, is considering making minor changes to the formation of the Pharaohs in its second match in the Tokyo Olympics against Argentina, which is scheduled for nine thirty in the morning tomorrow, Sunday, after changing the team’s form in the second half in the Spain match that was held on Thursday morning and ended in a negative tie in the first round.

The technical staff of the team prefers to pay Ibrahim Abdullah, the Pyramids player, from the beginning of the match, at the expense of Taher Mohamed Taher, the Al-Ahly player, or Imam Ashour, who did not appear at a good level in the first Spain match. The same is true for Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the Ceramica player, where the technical staff is also studying the payment of Salah Mohsen fundamentally from the beginning. The match continues, while the rest of the line-up continues as it is, which includes Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ahmed Fattouh, Ahmed Hegazy, Osama Jalal, Mahmoud Al-Wensh, Karim Iraqi, Akram Tawfiq and Ramadan Sobhi, while Ali Taher or Imam and Rayan will be compared, which will be decided in the team’s training. last day.

The last hours of the team camp witnessed motivational sessions by the technical staff of the Egyptian team for players to achieve a positive result against Argentina and to play for an early goal that confuses the account of Argentina, who lost in the first match against Australia with two goals without a response, and asked them not to over-confidence after the draw with Spain, the strongest teams The group and warning of the strength and skill of the Argentine players and the need to play to achieve a positive result to ensure qualification for the quarter-finals.


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