Mohamed Mohsen celebrates Heba Magdy’s birthday


In a funny gesture, the young singer and artist celebrated محمد محسنOn his star wife’s birthday, Heba MagdyIn a video that he collected in the garden of their house, where he first asked her about her feeling when celebrating her birthday, Heba replied with happiness and shame: “It is a wonderful feeling to celebrate with you, for sure.” Mohamed Mohsen is very happy to accept Heba Magdy’s head lovingly and sing to her in a sweet voice the birthday song. .

Magdy’s gift is closed

Muhammad Mohsen published the video through his account on the social networking site Instagram, commenting, “Happy birthday, my love,” adding red hearts to Heba Magdy, saying: “My life is my life … I am strong.”
The comments of fans and artists, including the famous marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz, the young singer Ahmed Shami and Ayten Amer, wished her a happy birthday.

Five years of happy marriage

And both Heba Magdy and Muhammad Mohsen celebrated three days ago, the five-year anniversary of their marriage, and each put a picture of their wedding and the same comment, where they wrote on their respective accounts on the social networking site Instagram, “Today, July 26, our fifth passport day, July 26, 2016 is the day we will never forget.” And they recalled their wedding anniversary, where they wrote, “The first day of the year was our engagement on the stage of the National Theater during the performance of the play “One of the Thousand Nights.” We completed performances throughout the year. The grooms because we used to show every day, so we wrote the book during the day and finished it quickly so that we could catch up with the play at night.”
Each of them described this wonderful day as “a great and special day engraved in the memory”, wishing they would stay together, so they wrote, “Every year, we are together, sweet and bitter.”
It is reported that the young singer, Mohamed Mohsen, is preparing for a big concert at the Egyptian Opera House in early August, he announced on his page on the social networking site Instagram, saying, “We are going back, we are going back, waiting for you, our beloved.”

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