Moselhi announces a surprise to the fans of the Alexandrian Federation


The face of Mohamed Moselhi, president of the club Alexandria Federation، Thanks to the fans of Sayed El Balad for their continuous support and support.

Mohamed Moselhi confirmed that a large-caliber surprise is being prepared in order to delight the Alexandrian fans.

Muhammad Moselhi explained that in the near future, a precious surprise will be announced for the fans of the Federation, which provides support and assistance to players in all games.

Mohamed Moselhi, president of Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, is keen to provide all the requirements of the first football team under the technical leadership of Hossam Hassan to achieve championships and delight the fans of Zaim Al-Thaghr

Mohamed Moselhi decided to spend the rewards for the victory over Ismaili after achieving a positive result with two goals against a goal in the meeting that brought them together in the Egyptian League competitions.

In another context, Hossam Hassan granted team players 5 days of negative rest in preparation for the upcoming match against Zamalek in the Egyptian League.

Al-Ittihad team achieved a fatal victory over Al-Ismaili with two goals against a goal in the match that brought the two teams together at the Ismailia Stadium in the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League.


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