Muhammad Ramadan is a singer whose blood is sacked.. and Haifas clothes are sexy


The artist, Hani Shaker, during his hosting of the “Charbel Receives” program, broadcast on CNN Arabic, sent a number of messages to a number of artists, most notably the artist Mohamed Ramadan, Sherine Abdel Wahab, Hassan Shakoush, Saad Lamjarred and Haifa Wehbe, and the newspaper “Al-Watan” reviews his most prominent statements. In the following lines.

Muhammad Ramadan is not a singer, and “I do what” is unacceptable
The artist Hani Shaker criticized the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s style in the parties he presents, and the naked appearance in which he appears, explaining: “Parties in Egypt have traditions and customs other than Europe and America, and those who benefit there may not be happy here, and Muhammad may be a love that does something different and new, and it is not Basically a singer who wants to do something different, but this different form may not be acceptable in Egypt.”

And he continued: “I see that even when I see my text Al-Fawqani naked on this stage, we are almost the first time we see it from Muhammad Ramadan, and also those who come out and do not depend on their voice and songs, but rely on their dance and clothes. This is a period of time and does not continue, and I am against this frankly.”

Hani Shaker sends a message to Haifa Wehbe
The artist Hani Shaker, the captain of the musicians, said that there are some artists who appear on the stage and sing, but they do not depend on their voices and songs, but on “dance and sexy clothes,” explaining: “The first thing that came to the union was and His Majesty took me and made a statement in which I said that we want to develop art. And we said that Egyptian and Arab artists adhere to some of the clothes that they appear in the stage, but then we decided that we control the dress of the artists, and they entered the matter in empty or silly words.

He added: “In the beginning, Haifa Wehbe was wearing clothes that were outside the normal and normal, and too short, and I communicated with her and spoke to her with the utmost love, and of course she respects me and loves me very much, and I told her: (The compilations objected to the pictures that appeared, and what is useful to wear in Europe does not work.” clothed in Egypt), and she accepted my words.

Hani Shaker to Amal Maher: I hope you will retract your retirement
And he sent a message to the singer Amal Maher, saying to her: “I pray for her from my heart if she has special problems in her life that will end and she will change her decision to retire.”

Angham is the first Egyptian star
Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Musical Professions Syndicate, answered the question, “What is the name of the artist who shined more than others, and rose to the throne of Egypt’s first star in the world of singing,” saying: “There is more than one artist, such as singer Angham, who is diligent and works on herself a lot, and in Nadia Mustafa.

Tamer Hosny is the best person who embodies the story of my life.. Yousra as my wife زوج
And about the actor who wants to embody his character in his life story, he replied: “When I sang with Tamer Hosni, forgetting you is difficult, I felt that he is close to my heart and the color that I sing, and I see that it embodies the character of my life.”

The presenter of the program also asked him about the artist who wants to play the role of his wife in a series that tells the story of his life, and he said: “I feel that Yusra has a bit of Nahla in her, bearing responsibility and her personality is close to her.”

Mohamed Sobhi will leave an imprint if he works in the world of politics
And the presenter of the program asked him to name an artist or artist who he believed might be proficient in the field of politics, to answer: “Mohamed Sobhi, I see that he is a capable artist, and if he works in the world of politics, he will leave a great impact.”

I hope to do a duet with Celine Dion, Fairuz and Saad Lamjarred
Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, said that he hopes to present a “duet” with international star Celine Dion, the moon’s neighbor Fairuz and Najwa Karam.

And about the non-Egyptian artist who likes to perform a duet with him, he said: “I love Saad Lamjarred.” The captain of the musical professions also touched on the most beautiful song he heard in the recent period.

Amr Diab’s job lately I like it very much
“Amr Diab’s work in the recent period is very unpleasant to me, such as Learn and Yom Talat, and as for the non-Egyptian song, I prefer it in bold, and whoever sold us lost Dalana to Ragheb Alama.”


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