Muhammad Ramadan responds to Hani Shaker: “Confrontation is one of the qualities of men” – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is still in crisis. The captain of the Musical Professions Syndicate in Egypt, the artist Hani Shaker, has criticized him for the way he appeared on the stage at his concerts.

In response to Hani Shaker, Ramadan posted a picture of him on the “Instagram” website, commenting on it with an indirect response, saying: “Confrontation is one of the qualities of men.”

Hani Shaker had criticized the method used by Muhammad Ramadan in the parties he presents, and the “naked appearance” that he used to appear on the stage.

And he said: “I see that even when I see my text Al-Fawqani naked on this stage, we are almost the first time we see it from Muhammad Ramadan, and also those who come out and do not depend on their voice and songs, but rely on their dance and clothes, this is a period and it will not continue, and I am against this frankly.”

He added that “parties in Egypt have traditions and customs other than Europe and America,” noting that “not everything that is practiced there may work in Egypt.”

He explained, in statements to local media, that “Muhammad may be a love that does something different and new, and he is not a singer, and he wants to do something different, but this different form may not be acceptable in Egypt.”



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