Musk shares a picture of the fuel lines on a SpaceX rocket, similar to the Star Wars movie


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted an image of an engine system as part of the Super Heavy Booster rocket that will eventually power the massive Starship into orbit. Connecting fuel lines that one Twitter user suggests look like Sarlacc in the movie, an alien monster buried in the Great Carkoon Hole, with a mouth full of teeth.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, a Twitter user shared the comment of Sarlacc’s photo, to which Musk replied, “I mean of course.”

spacex missile
spacex missile picture

Sarlacc’s lair was a post where prisoners were forced into the mouth of the large tentacled creature to watch them ripped to shreds.

And while the inner workings of the Raptor engine sounds like something out of a hit sci-fi movie, it highlights the intricate details that go into creating each of the 29 rockets that will sit beneath the booster.

“Completion of the feed system for 29 Raptor rocket engines on the Super Heavy Booster,” Musk wrote in the caption, adding that the photo showed only the basic fuel lines.

The image also shows just how massive the engine is, with another user on Twitter noting that there were 23 SpaceX employees working inside the maze of tubes.


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