Nancy Ajram shines at the Cairo concert… and carries the flag of Egypt | album


Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performed a concert inside a famous hotel in Cairo.

Nancy Ajram appeared at the ceremony with a distinctive and calm look, as she appeared to her audience in a golden dress, which won the admiration of the audience.

Nancy sang a number of his most prominent old and new songs, including “Gaya Maak”, “Habak Beqoui”, “We want to love the atmosphere” and “Ma Tiji Hana”.

Nancy Ajram carried the Egyptian flag during her singing “I am Egyptian”, amid a great interaction from the audience.

Nancy Ajram recently released the song “Gaya Maak”, written by Khaled Taj El-Din, composed by Walid Saad, and distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, on the international video site YouTube, from the Nancy 10 album.


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