NASA sends another cargo ship to the International Space Station


NASA announced its intention to send a Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station this summer, and a statement issued by the agency said, “NASA plans to send another Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station next August. This mission will be the 16th commercial mission that This type of vehicle is approved to deliver cargo to the station.”

According to the statement, the vehicle is supposed to be sent into space aboard an Antares rocket, and the rocket will launch with the vehicle on August 10 from the NASA space base on Wallops Island off the coast of Virginia, at 17:55 EST (August 11 00:55 Moscow time).

The vehicle will carry to the station a 3D printer that can use materials similar to lunar soil, a device that adopts new technologies used to purify the air of carbon dioxide, in addition to equipment that will be installed on the structure carrying solar panels installed on the outside of the station.

NASA launched the last Cygnus spacecraft to the space station in February of this year, and after this vehicle completed its mission there, it separated from the station and returned to Earth on June 29.


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