New leaks scandal .. Perez insults Cristiano Ronaldo and describes Mourinho as a psycho


New leaks scandal .. Perez insults Cristiano Ronaldo and describes Mourinho as a psycho



Today, Wednesday, a new leaked audio clip of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez’s conversations insulting former football stars in 2012 was revealed.

The Spanish magazine El Confidencial again published new leaks dating back to 2012, in which Perez criticized Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, his agent, Jorge Mendes, in addition to the team coach at the time, Jose Mourinho.

And Perez said about Ronaldo in the audio leaks: “A crazy, foolish and sick person who thinks himself normal, but he is not, otherwise he will not do all the things that he does, what he did recently and the whole world saw him, I do not understand why he did this at all?”

Earlier on Tuesday, the Spanish magazine published an audio recording of Perez dating back to 2006 after his first term as president of the Royal Club, which ended with his resignation in February of that year, in which he criticized in a humiliating manner the two legends of the royal club, goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez.

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Perez claims to be the victim of a conspiracy after publishing an insulting statement about Casillas and Raul

Perez added: “Mendez (his agent) does not order him anything, just as Mourinho does not advise anything, without any mentality, they have great arrogance, they are both spoiled, the coach and him, they do not see reality, because they can earn a lot of money, these two things are not normal, Because we’re talking about a lot of money in marketing rights, everyone hates it their way and that affects advertising.”

And Perez continued to criticize the Portuguese by talking about the former left-back, Fabio Coentrao: “Another person who is useless inside Real Madrid, does not do anything and that negatively affects the club, he is drunk and Mourinho is an idiot, it is not because he does not want to play, it is unnatural At all, he drives without a licence, he suffers from stress and illness but the coach doesn’t care, he is sick, despicable.”

And he ended his statements: “We spent 30 million euros, and we did not benefit from it, Mourinho did that deal with Mendes, as well as in the Carvalho deal, Jorge got money from Chelsea owner (Roman Abramovich) in that deal, and the money is transferred to Switzerland, we have to We know some information about that account in Switzerland.”

In a statement published on Tuesday by Real Madrid on its official website, Perez said that Abyan recorded these statements in secret, considering that the timing of their publication in this period is due to his role in launching the European Super League, which aborted less than 48 hours after its launch, but Real clubs and rivals Barcelona and Juventus. It is still committed to the project, unlike the other nine founding clubs that withdrew from it.

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