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Today, Sunday, the Cairo Economic Court issued a ruling regarding the lawsuit filed by the family of the late Egyptian artist, Nour El Sherif, against famous sweets shops.

The court decided to refer the case from the Appeals Chamber to a Primary Chamber, due to lack of jurisdiction, and set July 7 as the date for the first session, according to Al-Watan Newspaper” Egyptian.

In May 2020, the artist, Bossi, the widow of Nour El Sherif, and their two daughters, Sarah and Mai, filed a lawsuit against the “La Poire” chain of stores, for the latter’s use of a scene of the late artist from the famous series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, in order to promote their product “Eid al-Fitr Cakes”. .

Sweets shops did not use the voice of Nour al-Sharif in the advertisement, but rather an alternative voice.

Nour Al-Sharif’s family accused the chain of sweets shops in the lawsuit of not obtaining written approval from them in order to exploit that scene from the series.

The family of the late artist also referred to Article 155 of the third book of Law 82 of 2002, which states that performers and their general successors enjoy an eternal and irrevocable moral right, or statute of limitations that entitles them to the following: The right to attribute live or recorded performances to performers The right to prevent any alteration, distortion or distortion in their performance.

وتوفي Nour El-Sherif On August 11, 2015, after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, at the age of 69 years.

The late was one of the most prominent stars of Ramadan drama over the years, during which he presented many successful and popular series, perhaps the most prominent of which are “I will not live in my father’s gown”, “The Family of Hajj Metwally” and “Harun Al-Rashid”.

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