Officially.. Galatasaray raises its offer to buy Diang from Al-Ahly to 4.5 million dollars


Sources for the seventh day revealed that the Al-Ahly club administration received a new letter from Galatasaray to buy the financial star Aliu Diang, the star of the red team, and the letter included raising the player’s purchase offer to 4 million and 500 thousand dollars instead of 3 million dollars, which is the value of the previous offer.

Although the Galatasaray administration raised its offer to buy Diang However, the Al-Ahly administration is still conservative about the value of the offer, as the red administration believes that its price greatly exceeds that value, as the Al-Ahly administration believes that Diang’s price will not be less than 8 million euros, equivalent to 130 million pounds, especially after his remarkable brilliance with the red team and the entry of Several clubs are in negotiations to sign him.

Alio Diang has so far received two offers from two clubs during the last period, namely the Turkish Galatasaray and the Emirati Al Ain. For him, in his next destination, if he leaves Al-Ahly officially, while Al-Ahly prefers, in the event of stability to sell Diang, to forfeit it for the largest financial offer the club receives.


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