Pictures| Mai Helmy announces that she was infected with “Corona”: “Believe me, I literally died


12:48 PM

Friday 30 July 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

Anchor, Mai Helmy, revealed that she was infected with the Corona virus, and that she was suffering from the disease, stressing that it was the reason for her disappearance from social networking sites in the last period, asking her followers to seek an excuse for her.

In her answers to the questions of her followers through the feature of short stories, Mai said: “I had Corona, I did not have a mole, did not hear, headache and cough,” “I am only lighter than Corona, and I come back to talk to you like the first and more,” “I am very tired. Believe me, I literally died from coughing and headaches.”

It is worth noting that the last period, news came out confirming Mai Helmy’s association with festival singer Hassan Shakoush, after they appeared in a famous restaurant, and Mai commented that her appearance with any colleague or artist does not mean their association, adding that she will announce whenever she wants about the person she previously indicated that she was associated with.


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