Presidential initiatives that saved millions of lives.. Learn about the achievements of the health sector in 7 years


A report issued by the Quality Coordination Committees for the Coordination of Youth of Parties and Politicians monitored what the health sector in Egypt has provided during the past seven years, stating that the health sector succeeded in achieving many achievements, saving the lives of millions of Egyptians, especially women and children, and putting an end to their suffering, through a number of Presidential initiatives and national projects in this regard.

The report noted that the Egyptian government began implementing the comprehensive health insurance system, and set a timetable that begins with the least densely populated governorates and the least access to services to be in the early stages, while the capital and major cities with wide services and opportunities come in the last stages..

He continued: “President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi also launched several initiatives that changed the healthy lives of Egyptians and saved millions, including the initiative to eliminate Hepatitis C, the initiative for early detection of non-communicable diseases, the initiative to detect malnutrition diseases (anemia, obesity and stunting) for school children, and the initiative to eliminate waiting lists. The initiative to support maternal and fetal health, the initiative to detect and treat hearing impairment and loss for newborns, the Nour al-Hayat initiative to detect visual impairment, and the initiative to support the health of Egyptian women.

The report pointed out that the state implemented a strong strategy in confronting the Corona virus, and succeeded in advancing the treatment file at the expense of the state, and its success in the health sector extended outside the country, as it provided aid and medical support to Africa, Palestine and a number of countries in the world, not to mention what was achieved in The pharmaceutical sector, headed by the opening of the largest drug city in the Middle East, achieving self-sufficiency in homemade insulin and localizing the manufacture of oncology, biological medicines and some serums and vaccines.


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