Rola Saad presents her husband with a new song on the occasion of marriage.. Video


Lebanese singer Rola Saad gave her husband, engineer Yahya Khader, a new song entitled Habibi Yaya on the occasion of their wedding, written and composed by Tony Saba.

It is reported that the Lebanese singer Rola Saad celebrated her wedding to Engineer Yahya Khader yesterday at her home in Beirut in a family party in which the attendance was limited to relatives and close friends to them, due to the circumstances of the Corona and the outbreak of this virus. A wedding designed by Mireille Dagher, a Lebanese fashion designer, and today Rola and her husband are flying to Italy for their honeymoon.

And the Lebanese actress, Rola Saad, recounted the details of her engagement, before “For the Seventh Day”, saying: “I really fell in love when I met Engineer Yahya Khader during my birthday celebration in Beirut last August, and we were accompanied by some friends and we got to know each other, and he was one of my fans as an artist.” We had friendship and a number of meetings, and we had some problems until I returned to Egypt, and each of us felt nostalgia for the other, and each of us felt that there was something we were missing, and there were calls between us until he declared his love to me and I expressed to him my love for him, and he drew my attention to him that he is educated and I like his logic In life, frank, affectionate and maintains his relationship with his family very much.


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