Sabreen: Mimi Jamal, “My Second Mother”… She always gave me positive energy


The artist Sabreen said during a telephone interview on the program “Six women don’t know how to lie,” presented by Moufida Shiha and Suhair Joudeh and broadcast on CBC, that she is the daughter of the artist Mimi Jamal. From something, Mimi Jamal would look into her eyes, and Sabreen would immediately remove the anger from her face, and she would always say to her, “People have no sin.”

Sabreen continued, “All my secrets were with the artist Mimi Jamal, as she always gives advice as a mother and as a colleague, and we worked in the theater a lot together, and I was waiting to see her appearance on the stage, because she had a special look that gave me positive energy, and Mimi commented on Sabreen’s words, saying: Sabrine is beautiful, her face is beautiful and her look is distinctive.” And when I saw her on screen with her last haircut, I called her and told her, “Your hair color is a myth.”

The artist Sabreen had apologized for participating in the movie “The Court” directed by Mohamed Amin, due to the conflicting shooting dates during the month of Ramadan, as the film was resumed during the holy month in light of its association with the filming of her series, which was shown in Ramadan this year, and therefore she was forced to apologize.

Mimi Jamal and Sabreen
Mimi Jamal and Sabreen

Sabreen is preparing to start filming her role in the 45-episode series “Helm”, with director Hosni Saleh, where she shoots her first scenes at work 10 days later, after filming began this week in the Khan El-Khalili area, where most of the events take place.


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