Sharaki responds to the Ethiopian Minister of Water that the Renaissance Dam is the protector of


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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Dr. Abbas Sharaki, professor of geology and water expert, commented on what the Ethiopian Minister of Water tweeted about that the Renaissance Dam is the protector of the downstream countries from floods.

Sharaki said, on his official page on “Facebook”: “The rain falls on the Ethiopian highlands and reaches more than 6000 cubic meters / second at the Renaissance Dam, which may lead to floods.”

He continued: “The Renaissance Dam was able to reserve only 3 billion cubic meters from 4 to 18 July 2021, and about 5 billion cubic meters last year, and here the role of the Renaissance Dam ended in the issue of protecting Sudan from flooding, and all the waters of the Blue Nile now flow as if the dam It does not exist, and therefore it has no effect in the coming weeks when the Blue Nile’s revenue increases to range from 600 to 1000 million cubic meters per day, and this flow causes annual floods that our brothers in Sudan are accustomed to, unless they are severe, and millions of Sudanese depend on these floods who They depend on flood irrigation for more than one million acres.

He added: Sudan is currently suffering from severe rains and torrential rains on Sudanese territory, and it is expected in the coming weeks that rivers will flood, especially those coming from Ethiopia as well as the White Nile, and the Renaissance Dam is the biggest threat to the lives of Sudanese along the Blue Nile, especially the greater the amount of storage and it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. (a water bomb) with a maximum capacity of 74 billion cubic meters, and we have seen the flood risks that European countries, China and India have been exposed to in the past days with the collapse of small dams.”

Sharaki added: “The amount of water that reaches the dam is 6000 m3/second, and this means more than half a billion cubic meters per day, and this has not happened yet and is expected to happen next week (as is evident in the rain maps), perhaps paving the minister to have a justification. An expected erosion of some of the concrete layers that were placed on the middle lane on the night of the flood and before it hardens, as shown in the attached image from the July 18 night celebration video.

A temporary increase in the lake’s stock is expected from 1-2 billion cubic meters during August due to the severity of the flood and the impossibility of all water coming out of the middle lane, but soon the lake retreats during September to 8 billion cubic meters, as it is now.

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