She refused to marry Pasha.. The people of the village of Jihan Sadat reveal new secrets about her.. Video


The mother of the heroes has passed broadcast from Jihan Sadat’s hometown in Beni Suef

The “Sada Al Balad” website has moved to a village oriental simultaneity Affiliated to the Beni Suef Center, the birthplace of the late woman Jihan SadatAfter she passed away this morning.

At the beginning, we met Mayor Safwat Amin Baghdadi, the mayor of the village, who said that her name was Jihan Safwat Raouf Al-Mahajari, from the village of Tazmant Al-Sharqiya.

He added that Mrs. Jehan El-Sadat refused to marry one of the Beshawas who owned a thousand acres and preferred to be associated with President Sadat, continuing: “My mother told me that Mrs. Jehan El-Sadat had extraordinary intelligence and she loved the Egyptian countryside and she liked Sadat when he came with her cousin and she was Witness to the sacrifices that Sadat made for the liberation of Egypt with the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in the break for a month, then he moved to the east of the Nile in the village of Senour when they were trying to arrest him and during the process of transporting the mushrooms of President Sadat on a drink of water from the Nile River and Morocco prayed on the cliff of the Nile “.

Muhammad Al-Majri, a relative of the late woman, indicated: “She refused to allow anyone from her family to be distinguished or even to obtain a position. The Al-Mahajri family, the Jihan Al-Sadat family, owns a 50-acre estate on Fayoum Road, and we feel proud that Mrs. Jihan is from this country and that I am one of her relatives, which is the pride of anyone. Those who have been stubborn, and we hope that God will bless her and the late President Sadat with his mercy, and the deceased with his mercy, his master deserves all the best.”

The sheikh of the village said, The lady Jihan Sadat And who said that her father, Safwat Ahmed Abdel Raouf Al Mahjri, was married to an Austrian lady, and her uncle was Dr. Muhammad Al Mahjri, the former undersecretary of forensic medicine, and her uncle Ahmed Al Mahjri was the mayor of Azmant for many years, and her cousin was Ibn Hassan Al Hakim Al Mahjri and his brother was the commander of the Third Army. There are a large number of her family members occupying Multiple positions between engineers and doctors.

He continued, “I did not see Mrs. Jihan El-Sadat when she was young, but I saw her when she was old, as she used to come to perform her duty in cases of death in the village, and she came 4 times to Beni Suef Governorate 4 times, and she came with a plane landing in the sports stadium.”

Khaled Al-Zairi, grandson of Shehata Al-Zairi, a member of the National Assembly in the sixties, said that Sadat loved her very much and married her through a group of his friends, and she is a virtuous woman who loves the country and the mayor of the village where her uncle was always visiting her and the father of Mrs. Jihan Sadat was a teacher and worked in many provinces and was always visiting For the village on holidays, especially Eid al-Adha, and he was always present to attend in order to obtain the Eid sheep, travel with it, slaughter it, died and was buried in Cairo.


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