Shikabala supports Ramadan Sobhi with the “Crown of Kings” after the team lost to Argentina


Mahmoud Abdel-Razzaq Shikabala, captain of the first football team in Zamalek Club, was keen to support Ramadan Sobhi, the wing of the Pyramids team and the Olympic team, after the team’s loss to its Argentine counterpart, with a clean goal, during the match that brought them together this morning, Sunday, in the competitions of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Although the Egyptian team played a good match in general and was the most dangerous for the entire 90 minutes, the victory went to Argentina, who managed to “kidnap” a victory with a goal and the three points of the match.

ونشر Shikabala Story crossed his official page on Instagram, his picture with Ramadan Sobhi during their presence in the ranks of the first team, and the brown leopard contented himself with the image in which he appeared shaking hands with Ramadan, and placed on his head the “crown of kings”.

Shikabala supports Ramadan Sobhi
Shikabala supports Ramadan Sobhi

With Spain’s victory over Australia with a goal without a response, and Egypt’s loss today with a goal, the Spaniards lead the group’s standings with 4 points, and Australia comes in second place with 3 points, ahead of Argentina, who has the same balance in direct confrontations, and in the last place comes the Pharaohs with one point.

The group matches will conclude with two matches at one in the afternoon next Wednesday, when the Egyptian teams meet with Australia and at the same time the teams of Spain and Argentina will meet.

Egypt owns One chance to qualify! Directly, which is the victory over Australia, with the need for Spain to beat Argentina, and in this case, Spain leads the standings with 7 points, then Egypt with 4 points, and finally Australia and Argentina bid farewell to the tournament, with a balance of 3 points for each, and there is another opportunity if Argentina beat Spain in the last match, With the need for the Pharaohs to beat Australia as well, the Tango will then lead the standings with 6 points, and the teams of Egypt and Spain will have 4 points with equal points in direct confrontations, and then the goal difference will be resorted to, knowing that the difference in the goals of the Matador is currently +1, while Egypt is -1.

In the event that either of the two matches ends with a result other than the victory of Egypt and Spain, the Pharaohs will bid farewell to the tournament from the first round.


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