Similar to Ronaldo and Georgina.. Messi publishes a romantic photo with his wife


Similar to Ronaldo and Georgina.. Messi publishes a romantic photo with his wife

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Argentine star Lionel Messi shared with his followers several photos from his personal life while he spent his summer vacation, and continued his celebration of winning the “Copa America” ​​football championship.

Messi posted, on his personal page, on Twitter, a romantic photo of him with his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, with a red heart emoji, and another embracing the Copa America.

Messi is still living the ecstasy of being crowned Copa America champions for the first time in his history with the “Tango” team, after losing four final matches in the two major tournaments (Copa America and the World Cup), by publishing a picture of him with the championship cup.

Al-Barghouth also posted a picture on his Instagram account of his family and those close to him, commenting on it, saying: “An ideal family.”

Antonella Roccuzzo republished her photo with Messi, on her page on the “Instagram” application as well, with a heart emoji.

This came the day after Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo published a picture with his girlfriend, Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, through his pages, on social media platforms, commenting on it, with the phrase: “My beautiful queen,” with a heart emoji.

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Georgina republished the same photo, on her page on the “Instagram” website, commenting on it with the words: “The universe is always listening,” with an emoji of a heart, noting that it was taken on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

It is noteworthy that Cristiano Ronaldo is the first person to reach 300 million followers through his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, where the number of his followers is now more than 316 million.

On the other hand, the number of followers of Messi’s page on “Instagram” is about 235 million people.

As for Antonella Roccuzzo, she has 15.3 million followers on Instagram, which is just over half of Georginas followers, as she is followed by 26.3 million people.

Source: “instagram/cristiano/leomessi”


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