Some of them lost their lives.. these stars were victims of medical errors


The audience of the beautiful artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, is following her health condition with importance, after she fell into a coma after suffering a fatal medical error during an operation.

The incident of Yasmine Abdel Aziz opened the doors of memory to the past of a number of art stars who were subjected to such medical errors and were victims of a number of negligent doctors, so that a number of these artists lost their lives as a result.

We publish to you the names of the artists and artists who have been exposed to accidents of medical errors such as these, and the result of each error.

Stars who were victims of medical errors and miraculously survived

– Houria Farghali

After falling from the top of a horse, she had her nose broken and she underwent a number of surgeries, and once she was exposed to a fatal medical error that led to a bigger fracture in her nose, as a result of which she suffered from difficulty breathing, from which she is now treated and trying to correct the shape of the nose.

– Actress Fifi Abdo

During her surgery last April, she was exposed to a medical error, when a nurse injected her into the bones in the wrong way, which forced her to bed for several months.

– Fatima Koshary

She was suffering from a hernia and after she underwent surgery, the doctors discovered that the doctor forgot the medical gauze in her stomach, which further deteriorated her health.

– Basma Wahba

– Her face was disfigured due to a medical error, when he took an injection to inject the face with Botox and Filler as one of the plastic surgeries, but this injection entered the vocal cords, causing her temporary muscle paralysis in her face and she almost lost her voice.

Stars who died as a result of a medical error

We all know that the issue is in the first and last ages and destiny, so God determined for each person the number of years of his life that he lived, but there are reasons, and medical errors were the reason behind the death of these artists, and they are:

– Artist Ahmed Rateb

Three months before his death, he had water on the lung, so the treating doctor prescribed medicine to him, but he did not tell him how long to take this medicine, which made Ratib take it even after he was discharged from the hospital for a while, which caused his health to deteriorate, which affected the bones of his entire body and led to his death.

The late artist Souad Nasr

The most famous victim of medical negligence, she lost her life in January 2007 as a result of an overdose of anesthesia. During a liposuction procedure, she was subjected to a fatal medical error that led to her falling into a coma and her death at the age of 54, but she is still present with us with her artworks that she presented and nearly 150 diverse works between Series, movies and plays.

The star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

He underwent surgery on his tooth in France, which caused the formation of viruses in the upper jaw and the back of the head and formed tumors, and cancer spread in his body in several areas, and he discovered this upon his return to Egypt, and he continued to suffer from the disease until his death.

– Artist Talaat Zain

He was subjected to a medical error in the operating room during surgery to clean and remove a damaged part of the lung, and led to his death


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