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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

The seven conditions for attending the concert that the artist, Ruby, will perform on the North Coast next Friday, sparked a state of wide controversy after its disclosure, and the artist and the organizers of the concert were attacked and ridiculed.

Selena Mikhail, the organizer of the ceremony, in a special statement to “Masrawy”, said: “Most of the issues about the ceremony are from imagination and composition, and with regard to the age requirement, which is 25 years, he explained that according to the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, the age must be legal, because the place offers wines”.

And she added: “With regard to the requirement to attend cables, what is wrong with that, knowing that it is applicable in many places and is not new, we will not allow the entry of solo young men so that no one will be annoyed, and I confirm here that we said that hot sexy hot shorts are forbidden, and we did not prevent entry with shorts in a way general, and this is also among the instructions.”

Selena continued: “We have no problem with veiled women attending, and we have not issued any indication to prevent the veiled woman from attending. As for the ticket price, it is between 1000 and 1200 pounds, and the table includes 20 people, and it is not true that the price of one ticket is 20 thousand pounds.”

The terms of the ceremony, which will be held next Friday evening at CLUB TWENTY ONE on the North Coast, sparked a state of controversy after the artist Ruby published, through the “Al Astori” feature on her official account on the Instagram website, a picture of the conditions for his attendance, and it was as follows: “The minimum entry for the concert is 25 years … for couples only ( Capables… Hot shorts or sportswear are not allowed.”

As stated in the conditions for attending the ceremony: “It is allowed to wear a tarpon.. It is not allowed to use violence. It is necessary to wear white clothes.”

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