Special- Ilham Shaheen: This dream was not achieved in my career… and I refuse to be a guest of honor


Ilham Shaheen​Or, as some call her the Iron Woman, with a strong artistic personality, and the owner of a long cinematic career full of awards and honors, because she always puts Egyptian cinema and its issues in mind, and bears it on her shoulders, and because she is one of the most artists who presented artworks that discussed women’s issues, granting herAswan Women Film FestivalIn honor of her artistic career.
In an exclusive interview with the “Art” website, Elham spoke about the most important stations in her artistic career, her dream that she did not achieve, the experience of film production that caused her to lose a lot of money, her artistic newness, and other things.

After being honored at the Aswan Women’s Film Festival, to what extent do you care about women’s issues?

Being a woman before I am an artist, I always look behind issues that concern women, and I reject the type of films in which women appear as decorations or just a beautiful heroine. Crisis, but does not offer solutions.

What is your technical message?

I like to present works that carry humanitarian and social issues, and not all the time to present comedies or action films, because in many cases, the audience needs the pleasure of watching and enjoying a topic that carries messages of depth, and I do not like the best mass or commercial films.

What is the dream that you did not achieve in art?

I dreamed of presenting a performance theater, and I was obsessed with this dream, which has been chasing me for a long time, and one of my dreams was also to direct this work, because my studies at the Higher Institute of Cinema were theater directing.

What about your experience with film production? Do you regret your loss?

I did not regret losing my money in film production. I am obsessed with cinema and love it, and I am experimenting with production with love in cinema, because I feel satisfied with presenting 101 films in my career, and I feel very happy when I receive honors and awards for my films, the last of which is a film.curfew​”, for which she won awards, and the movie “A Day for Women”, which won dozens of awards in a number of important international film festivals.

What are the difficult points in your film career?

I embodied in my artistic career a lot of difficult and important roles, and at a moment I felt that I did not find anything new to present, and I felt afraid of repeating my roles, or repeating myself, so my artistic career was not easy at all, and the older the two thousand and the more brighter and more glowing its name became. The task of choosing roles, his appearance becomes less.

Why don’t we see a series of 30 episodes for you, especially since the audience misses you?

It is not a requirement that I present a series consisting of 30 episodes, and it depends on the quality of the work. There are topics and issues that can only be presented in 15 episodes or 5 episodes, and there are other issues and topics that deserve more episodes, and need to be discussed for 30 episodes, such as the series “Nights of the Dream” Which was presented in more than one part, because it was a huge dramatic work.

What are the artistic offers that you refuse without hesitation?

I refuse artwork that has no value, or my participation and appearance as a guest of honor in any artwork.

What is your new art?

I am waiting for the shooting of the movieThe people of the faultAfter being postponed more than once, due to the Corona virus, and the life problems we are going through, I am very prepared for it, and excited for the story.


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