Sudan .. The governor of the Red Sea imposes a health emergency


The application of this order emphasizes the locality of Port Sudan, the locality of Suakin and the locality of Halayeb. Under this order, all workers in state and federal public and private institutions operating in the state and those who deal with it will be obligated to adhere to the full health requirements, while continuing to reduce the percentage of workers (50%) in all federal and state government institutions.

It was also decided to close public parks, clubs, cafes, stadiums, stadiums and cornices, to cancel and prevent events in neighborhoods and halls, and to prevent the establishment of funeral pavilions for a period of two weeks from the date of issuing this order.

All public and private educational institutions, universities and institutes will also be closed Places of worship From mosques, churches and corners, and they are opened 14 days after the issuance of this order, provided that they adhere to health requirements.

It was also decided to close the visiting markets and the main market, with the exception of the main market from six in the morning until two oclock in the afternoon for a week, and it is forbidden to eat fresh food permanently from the date of issuing this order.

also prevent health emergency All visits to hospitals and public and private health centers, with the exception of one facility for each patient, and the prohibition of entering the sampling places in hospitals and health centers for non-patients, with an emphasis on adherence to health requirements.


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